1332 W. Rosamond Blvd
Rosamund, CA 93560

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Property features include:

There is a total of 81 affordable units with amenities that include granite countertops, central air conditioning and heating, energy efficient appliances and premium carpeting. Common area amenities include secure gated access, barbecue and picnic areas, and a community room featuring computer labs and study areas. Rosamond Gateway Village opened in October 2008.

Unit Type: Family Living

Units: 86

Bedrooms: 1, 2 and 3

Standard Unit Amenities: Central air conditioning, heat, and energy efficient appliances such as a gas range and oven, garbage disposal, and refrigerator.

Standard Common Area Amenities: Include a community room, courtyard, and computer lab.

Resident parking available on all sites/communities.

Development Team: Integrated Community Development

Architect: John Cotton Architects

General Contractor: BLH Construction

Financing: Citibank Construction Loan, Alliant Capital, AHP, Kern County HOME Loan, 9% Tax Credits

Non-Profit: Corporation for Better Housingy