Pacheco Court

2101 Gilbert Gonzalez Jr. Dr.
Los Banos, CA 93635

(209) 365-9010Telephone:


Property features include:

The building will include amenities such as granite countertops, central air conditioning and heat, energy efficient appliances and premium carpeting. Common area amenities will include secure gated access, barbecue and picnic areas, laundry facilities, and two a community room with a computer lab and common area kitchen. Pacheco Court opened in Summer, 2010.

Unit Type: Family Living

Units: 80

Bedrooms: 1, 2 and 3

Standard Unit Amenities: Central air conditioning, heat, and energy efficient appliances such as a gas range and oven, garbage disposal, and refrigerator.

Standard Common Area Amenities: Include a community room, courtyard, and computer lab.

Features: Off-Grid, Meal Programs, NetZero Energy, LEED Platinum, Department of Energy (DOE), WaterSense, Indoor Air Quality Plus, Energy Builders’ Challenge Program, Energy Star for Homes

Resident parking available on all sites/communities.

Development Team: Integrated Community Development

Architect: John O. Cotton Architects

General Contractor: BLH Construction

Financing: Alliant Capital LLC, AHP, 9% Tax Credits, City of Los Banos RDA

Non-Profit: Corporation for Better Housingy