2903 Pioneer Drive
Bakersfield, CA 93306

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Property features include:

Located in East Bakersfield upon a seven acre parcel the development will provide 17 one story single family residences for rent. The project offers floor plans featuring either three or four bedrooms and two baths, and is in close proximity to retail shopping, schools, social service facilities, and many employment opportunities in the industries of agriculture, factory production, and retail. Each home will include amenities such as granite countertops, central air conditioning and heating, premium carpeting, ample closet space, and an attached two car garage. Common area amenities feature secured access, perimeter fencing, a community room with education and computer training facilities and outdoor barbeque and picnic areas.

Unit Type: Family Living

Units: 17

Bedrooms: 3 and 4

Standard Unit Amenities: Central air conditioning, heat, and energy efficient appliances such as a gas range and oven, garbage disposal, and refrigerator.

Standard Common Area Amenities: Include a community room, courtyard, and computer lab.

Resident parking available on all sites/communities.

Development Team: Integrated Community Development

Architect: John Cotton Architects

General Contractor: BLH Construction

Financing: 9% Tax Credits

Non-Profit: Corporation for Better Housing